Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 16: Stairway Heaven

First, let me share one more inspiration.
Colette and her house in McIvers.

I came to visit Colette and her sister Jules and Roger.
Wendy, Katherine, and Marcia were there, too.
We were having dinner together and this was the peaceful scene that greeted me.
A beautiful set table, close friends and Asa the dog.

Back at Humber House,
I decided to finally finish taking all of the old carpet off of the stairs.
It was quite a process.

This is what they looked like to start.

I ripped off the carpet. It takes a lot of muscle.

Getting there...

Finally removed it all.
Then, I had to tackle the purple underlay....
... and the hundreds of staples, tack strip, dirt and sediment.


Meanwhile, Cash lay on the carpet and looked out the front door.