Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 13: Pattern and Design

Working the night shift,
let's see what the small,
south bedroom has in store for us. 

More surprises, no doubt.

Up the stairs.

Through the door.

The Western Star Newspaper, 1955.

I had salvaged lino from the first room and stored it in here.

This newspaper was between the layers. 

Roots of the present lie in the past.

Before. More beige carpet.
It's a tiny room (7' x 9').
It has one window that looks out onto the back yard / cherry tree orchard.
It's south facing and the light is warm and yellow.
More sunshine.

I begin by pulling back the corner.

Oh, this looks interesting...

Wow, cool! More vintage flooring. A new pattern and it's in decent shape. How exciting...!

Time to document.

The delicate art of the carpet pulling process.

This is the top layer.

It's more of an apricot colour than this abrasive, burnt orange (as it appears in the photo). 

You'll notice on the left, that part of the lino has been cut away
and there is an Art Deco-esque pattern underneath.

I'm learning so much about decorative arts.

Love it.

The hardwood floor of the landing juxtaposed with the newly revealed old lino floor. 

I foresee a new painting project: vintage lino pattern and design.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 11: When The Water Turns To Land

The body of water that separates the North Shore from the South is called the Bay of Islands.
The place where it meets the Humber River is called Humber Mouth.

When the Bay freezes over, it turns the water into thick ice.
I like to think of the ice as land, connecting both sides.
I'm writing a song about this.

North Shore in the distance. Frozen Bay. Humber River to the right.

I washed the glass on this light fixture and now it shines brightly. 

On the porch, there were an assortment of knick-knacks. 
I photographed them before I let them go.

I kept the red, wooden, caboose birdhouse.
There will be lots of little birds in the lilac trees in the Spring.

It has been pretty cold here.
Good snowshoeing and skiing weather.

Day 10: Wild Cove

Wild Cove is such an exotic name for a landfill.
Baxter and I loaded up the carpet and took it to the dump.

It was a chilly day.

Later, after work, I went to Newfound Sushi with my friends.
This is the delectable West Coast Roll.

And a Tempura Shrimp Bento Box.